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Daily Assignments and Make-up Work
Due Date: 5/27/2018
Subject: English Language Arts

Every day we complete assignments in class. We have very few homework assignments because most often the only homework students have is classwork that has gone unfinished, which will be based on whether the individual student finished that day or not. I have most of my assignments and worksheets uploaded as files on the daily lesson portion of my class wiki as a tool for us to use in class. Conveniently, this often allows students to access these assignments from home in case they have not completed work or need access to make-up work. To find my Daily Lesson page, go to

Please understand that as far as make-up work goes, because our curriculum is standards-based rather than textbook-based, most of our lessons are very teacher/class driven rather than driven by a particular textbook, and since many of our 7th grade ELA standards teach speaking and listening skills along with the reading and writing, a modern English class is more a mixture of class discussion, lecture, and collaborative assignments than it is a pile of grammar practice and book reports. This is wonderful for learning and acquiring life skills but unfortunately makes it fairly impossible to send home a simple stack of assignments for make-up work with a parent. My best advice for make-up work is for students to go to the daily lesson link and attempt what they missed if it is posted. If nothing is posted or the students cannot understand how to complete the work that has been posted, I will help them find a way to make up the work they missed once they return to school.