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PEECH Grant Recipients
Posted On:
Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Chilton Education Foundation (CEF) is a non-profit organization designed to enhance the educational opportunities offered each child by the Chilton County Board of Education. The CEF was established to enrich the creative and supportive teaching environment within the public school system. Special thanks to the Chilton Education Foundation PEECH Grant Committee for awarding funding to complete the following projects:

Project: Virtual Reality Experiment (Mrs. Welborn)

Specifically, this project will acquire 5 iPod touches which retail for about $199.00 each. The iPods could be used by students who do not have a smartphone to allow them to view Google Expeditions for the VR experiences.  The iPods will be inserted into the VR viewers giving them access to Google Expeditions which has over 900 virtual tours of national monuments, parks, American colleges, careers, world wonders, and underwater tours.

Project: Literature in the Classroom (Mrs. Bishop &  Mrs. Rozelle)

Studies show that by inviting readers to live in someone else’s shoes for a short time, literature can help kids develop emotional intelligence and empathy. To empower our students to better connect with other perspectives and human experiences, our classroom library will be updated with the most current award-winning books that are written about real issues that affect kids’ lives today.

Project: Science Breakout Kits (Casey Meank & Denise Eiland)

Breakout kits will allow students to use information from biology and human anatomy & physiology to think critically in solving problems. Communication skills and teamwork are also a a large component in accomplishing these activities.


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