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CCHS Parade/Pep Rally Information
Posted On:
Thursday, September 20, 2018

Dear Parent,

We want to partner with you for the safety of your child and are deeply committed to the safety of everyone on our campus. While our primary goal is to focus on learning, efforts are ongoing to provide a safe, learning, and community environment for every child at Clanton Middle. Your child will receive A PERMISSION FORM TODAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2018.

As part of that effort, students have an option to attend the CCHS Pep Rally inside CCHS Tiger Stadium on Friday, September 21. The pep rally will occur after the CCHS Parade that will begin at 12:45. Due to starting time and safety concerns, we ask that if you plan to take your child to the pep rally, please complete the bottom of this letter for him or her to check out by 12:30 p.m. Students who have the completed check out slip will be dismissed from class at 12:00. If your student does not have a check out form, you will be required to check him or her out in the office. After 12:30, roads and traffic will be blocked or highly congested. Law enforcement will not reopen the public route until the parade is complete.

Students will stay with their teachers during the parade and pep rally. They will not be allowed to leave with parents from the pep rally. Any student who leaves without being checked out properly, will receive discipline for leaving without proper permission. All students will return to CMS until our regular dismissal time following the pep rally. If you do not wish for your student to attend the pep rally, please indicate your choice at the bottom of the form. 

Pep rally attendance is based on completed and returned parental permission to school Friday 9/21/18. Please ask your child for this form tonight! We will not accept changes or request by phone no exceptions will be made. You can send any changes to what your child will do by email to or by fax at 205-755-2446.

GO TO FORMS - Section - EVENTS - to download a copy of the form.


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