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Adams, Carol Special Services
Adams, Melinda Special Education
Anderson, Sharon Science
Baker, Rochelle Special Services
Ballew, Denise Special Services
Bell, Laurie CNP Manager
Bishop, D'Leigh Language Arts
Boatwright, Ellen School Nurse
Bridges, Alison Sixth Grade
Byrd, Tony HIstory
Clark, Casey Band / Band Director
Cooper, Felicia Special Services
Crumpton, Kim Sixth Grade
Dobbs, Aimee Family and Consumer Sciences
Eiland, Denise CMS Science
Gaston, Kelly Physical Education
Gault, Gregory English
Gray, Courtney 6th grade Math
Harrison, Chad Mathematics
Haskew, Megan Sixth Grade- Math
Henley, Sonja Sixth Grade
Hughes, Thomas Sixth Grade
Huntley, Tony Social Studies
Jones, Sonya Media Specialist
Lapp, Chad Physical Education
Littlefield, Sherrie Sixth Grade
Lively, Haley 6th Grade
McGowan, Greta Counselor
McKee, Brittany Sixth Grade
Meank, Beth 7th Math
Meank, Casey Science
Moore, Elizabeth Bookkeeper
Moss, Carla Principal
Posey, Mystie Math Teacher
Potts, Kalee Social Studies
Price, Selena Language Arts
Robinson, Cindy Paraprofessional
Robinson, Denise Special Services
Robinson, Malia Counselor
Rozelle, Kelly English Language Arts
Sneed, Emily 8th Grade English
Stephenson, Amy Special Services
Tornatore, Heather Speech-Language Pathologist
Veazey, Justin Physical Education Teacher
Wallace, Macee Mathematics
Ward, Laura Assistant Principal
Welborn, Allyson 8th PLTW